Awareness rainsing of networks/presence of digitisation

From Community Narrations

Aims of the activity

Recognize, learn and have a first steps in digitization.

Resources, Materials needed

- App "Stadt Land Fluss" (city country river).
- Additional materials.
- Computer (Mobile, tablet).

Duration in minutes

90 minutes.

Step-by-step - what has to be done

Ask general questions like:
- How digital are we already? Participants can do a brainstorming (free) or providing images to support sensitization, talking about personal experiences.
- When, how, how often and why digital information support is needed, digital machines are used and how long?

Learning Outcomes - which skills are adressed?

Know where digital processes are unavoidable or necessary and how they do or do not support live.

How do you check the outcomes are reached?

Practical use of the material provided by the developer.

Further Links/Readings