Comparing sources

From Community Narrations

Aims of the practice and description of participants

Transfer of knowledge and empowerment.

Resources, Materials needed

- Internet
- Presentation tools (beamer, program).


45 - 90 mins.

Step-by-step - what has to be done?

1. Set up/present news, a report, better if connected to the homelands of one or more participants.
2. Let the participants search in their networks, facebook-groups.
3. Let participants tell, how the report/news are presented in their homeland, their facebook groups.
4. Work out differences.
5. If there are sone, why are they so?

Learning Outcomes - which skills are addressed?

- Critical thinking.
- Getting to know more than one source.
- Checking reliability of source.

How do you check the outcomes are reached?

Do upfollowing checks of more news/reports.