GATHERING I narratives

From Community Narrations

Aims of the activity

- Collect of narratives in the community by social poll.
- Social inclusion of the community representatives (people in mental and housing crisis) accompanied by trained volunteers.
- ML i DS training (audio/video recording).
- Widen the community perspective (Critical Thinking).

Resources, Materials needed

- Trained volunteers (Club 123).
- Working/meeting room.
- Territorial map (Działki Leśne Gdynia, Poland).
- Computer (data base, postproduction).
- Question form.
- Camera/dictaphone (mobile phone).

Duration in minutes

15 - 180 minutes.

Step-by-step - what has to be done

1. Collecting participants which are volunteers from community.
2. Participation in workshop (explanation: know-how, social poll, form intro).
3. Taking part at outdoor and virtual activity (social poll in the community and in the web). In paralel meeting with institution representatives/locals to fill up the form and in the web (sending to institutions, e.g. library, schools).
4. Collecting data from the forms and analysis.
5. Making a summary.

Learning Outcomes - which skills are adressed?

- Social inclusion through poll.
- Collect narratives by filling up forms (critical thinking, answering the poll).
- Creating a positive attitude towards community representatives socially excluded.

How do you check the outcomes are reached?

- Poll results and summary.
- Presentation the summary.
- Feedback from the community about their impressions.

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