Introducing and secure tools

From Community Narrations

Aims of the practice and description of participants

Get to know tools and variable devices to tell, share and present. All open source and OER.

Resources, Materials needed

- Notebook
- Pen


10-15 minutes.

Step-by-step - what has to be done?

1. Sitting in a sandpit: what do we need? What do we have?
2. Select tool.
3. Frontal presentation of how it is working.
4. Let the participants try and play with it.
5. Name a project title.
6. Let the participants develop a part of the project.

Learning Outcomes - which skills are addressed?

Learning by doing under surveillance.

How do you check the outcomes are reached?

Save and share the results of work.

Further Links/Readings - collection of tools - collection of tools - easy recording studio for monitor and camera - collection of tools - shorttime internet page