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Please find here all methods to be used in the CONCRIT toolbox. You can find here a list of all activities submitted so far:

About Concrit

The aim of CONCRIT is to work towards a socially cohesive Europe, which requires self confident, fully informed and educated citizens In Europe many small solutions exist isolated or are created over and over again without being connected CONCRIT aspires to connect those needs. In the initial assessment, the partners identified needs, which can be answered by a general learning path that should address challenges as lacking insight of how participation works, the general disenchantment of marginalised communities from politics and digital exclusion. The educators seek learner driven tools, way to build a community and to de construct discriminatory stereotypes The learners need digital learning tools/ methods which engage and work with different communities and developing storytelling and group narratives as a method for civic education.

The direct target groups of CONCRIT are adult educators, volunteers and community worker focused on civic education The indirect are learners, members of the marginalised communities and on a deeper level all European citizen

Learning Path on How to enable community narrations (IO1)

This is a training plan (learning path) on how to include digital storytelling and media literacy in broadly general civic education, which is flexible for various target groups and communities, which their specific challenges and perspectives.

It consist out of the following modules:

Module 1 Introduction To Media Literacy and Digital Storytelling in Civic Education

Module 2 Developing Digital Skills and Using Digital Tools

Module 3 Identifying Specific Media Literacies and Digital Storytelling Needs in Different Communities (Settings)

Module 4 Safe and Responsible Practice

You can find all practices collected for the Learning Path 1 here:

Learning Path on how to adapt community narrations for various context (IO2)

Tihs is a training plan (learning path) on how to adapt the previous path to the different situation. The path contains 6 sample plans developed and tailored for the needs of the 6 partners plus instructions on how the paths might be altered and adapted. The path itself helps educators to modify and experiment with communities.

Module 1 Facilitating in Communities
Module 2 Find Your Voice
Module 3 Understanding Context
Module 4 Adapting Tools for your Community
Module 5 Facilitating Narrative Co-Creation

Links to the Moduls of IO2 [you find all excerciese needed to run Learning parth 2.]

Adapted Learning Paths

The 7 adapted learning pathes are suited to the following targetgroups:

  1. Communities with Mental Health challenges
  2. Parents from Socially deprived areas
  3. Minors with refugee and migration background
  4. Volunteers working in social welfare
  5. Refugee and Migrant women
  6. Older people in rural communities
  7. Migrants and bilingual adults


List of Practices

[List of all Community Narration Practices]


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