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From Community Narrations

Aims of the Activity

Facilitate participants to reflect on their being part of one or more communities, and on the meaning of this belonging.

Resources, Materials needed

Markers, colored sheets A5 and A4, billboards, paper tape, post it

Duration in minutes

60 minutes

Step-by-step - what has to be done

A ) We start with a narration activity very simpole, in order to involve everyone: “The story of my name”. We invite all the write shortly on a A4 sheet of paper theyr name, and something abot the family history of that name, why this name has been given to them, if they like their name, etc. After we share the stories. It is important to establish conditions for proceeding together, such as: non-judgment, confidentiality, listening, etc. B) Then we start with the main activity. A fundamental way to facilitate narration in the autobiographical approach is to start from the ""Memory list"", and in this exsercise we’ll use this.So the facilitator propose some questions, or narration inputs: -The communities to which I belong - from 1 to 3 positive episode linked to the community, showing the eresources of the community.. - from 1 to 3 episode linked to difficulty, to the challenge, related to the community... - 3 words to describe my ideal community The participant have to answer to this questions writing on a A4 sheet; After writing the participants share their list, reading it in the group. C) After reading and sharing the facilitator ask the participants to write and share some reflections using the A5 sheets, according to these questions: - what i learned? -What I would like for my community, ideas, proposals ... We share all these reflctions an proposals using the flipchart.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to reflect and tell
  • Ability to cooperate in a group
  • Ability to create narratives

How do you check the outcomes are reached?

The moments of reflection and sharing represent a very effective way to verify the learning and reflections generated in the participants.

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