Parents in primary schools

Name of Community

Parents in primary schools

Berlin, Germany

Socio-Economic Situation

Heterogeneous; The offer is aimed at all parents, regardless of socio-economic, social, etc. background. Background. It is open to all. The offers of Eltern aktiv! are aimed specifically at all parents and guardians of children who attend the respective primary school. In this sense, they see themselves as an inclusive offer for all interested parents and guardians and also want to offer the participants the opportunity to get in touch with each other.


Eltern aktiv! is located at the school, but does not support parents exclusively in relation to the children's development at school. Rather, the parent groups see themselves as an offer to expand parents' competences wherever there is a need. They are therefore basically open to "all" topics of parents - also beyond school aspects. One of the fundamental conceptual determinations concerns the participatory orientation of the course format Eltern aktiv! This is particularly important in determining the main topics for the events offered. To this end, the facilitators actively collect requests for topics for follow-up events from the participants and, if necessary, concretise questions in personal conversations. The aim is also to encourage and stimulate the participating parents and guardians to actively participate.


The pilot takes place in a German school in the neighborhood of Wedding, Berlin. The district is known for its high percentage of people with a migrational background, primarily Turkish, Arabic but also countries of the Balkans.