Search for information

From Community Narrations

Aims of the practice and description of participants

To get an impression how information differs.

Resources, Materials needed

Internet connection to use computers, pas or mobile phones.


45 mins.

Step-by-step - what has to be done?

First, topics or topic complexes are set in the form of headings, for example current topics such as "Energy supply in Europe", or historical topics such as "Europe's migration policy", but also simpler topics from the areas of health, sport, entertainment or regional topics. Then groups are formed. One group researches videos, another group researches online newspapers, another group researches magazines, audio contributions are also possible. Here, one can also incorporate one's own preferences when searching for information. A distinction between public and private media may also seem useful, it always depends on the group one is working with: Level of education, language level, usage habits, etc. should be taken into account here. Finally, the results are presented. What did the participants find? How are topics presented? Where are the focal points? Each group presents their results, then they talk about them and discuss any differences.

Learning Outcomes - which skills are addressed?

Critical thinking.