From Community Narrations

Aims of the practice and description of participants

- Deepening the relationship.
- Diagnosis / analysis of competences / digital narrative.

Resources, Materials needed

- Phone, tablet, computer (to display a list of similarities / differences).
- List of similarities / differences:
I had a telephone before I had a computer.
I still use my smartphone.
I use the map application to move around the city.
I prefer to talk through the headset.
I don't like writing text messages.
I have a cellphone.


20 minutes.

Step-by-step - what has to be done?

- Ask the participants, using the list of statements, to select at least 3 people with the same statements.
- Discussion: What have you learned about each other? Can this knowledge be useful to you?

Learning Outcomes - which skills are addressed?

- De/construction of the narrative.
- Exercise of communication between participants.
- Identification of digital competences / skills (we can adjust the content of similarities depending on what we want to check).

How do you check the outcomes are reached?

- List of differences and similarities among the participants.

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