What’s Your story?

From Community Narrations

Aims of the activity

- Build awareness on the subject of Digital Storytelling.
- Improve the ability to find, interpret, evaluate, manipulate, share, and record information.

Resources, Materials needed

- Paper copies of digital apps: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
- App for blog creation: Canva.

- Alternative Tablets (or phones private) with apps: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
- App for blog creation: Canva.

Duration in minutes

40 minutes.

Step-by-step - what has to be done

1. Participants are asked to write and create a story about a topic that is closest/important to them at the moment and that they would like to share with their friends/social circle (e.g., family, friends, school/work). It is important that the narrators (participants) plan what they will create, to whom and for what purpose.
2. The narrator presents (publishes) the story so that others can read it, receive the message.
3. They are expected to react to the story in terms of what they understand, whether it is valid for them (why it is or isn't), and give feedback to the narrators.

Learning Outcomes - which skills are adressed?

The participants learn to address stories/narratives and evaluate effectiveness of the message, intention and importance.

How do you check the outcomes are reached?

Participants are asked to discuss the subject of narratives:
- What is and what isn’t a story?
- Is the story suitable for the intended receivers?
- What and how could they address their stories/narratives more efficiently?